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Workshop: Third Party Funding for Commercial Arbitration in Latin-America

Workshop: Third Party Funding for Commercial Arbitration in Latin-America

In person

Maximilian Reichl (Oppenhoff ) and Malte Stübinger (Deminor) will present a case study to spotlight peculiarities of funding and initiating an International Commercial Arbitration in Latin-America. They want to invite the audience to develop together some best practices on seeking Third Party Funding for Commercial Arbitration in Latin-America and efficiently navigating the case, with Lead Counsel, Client, Local Counsel, and Third Party Funder on board.

  • 9:00am Registration
  • 9:15am Workshop
  • 10:15am Networking Coffee Break

The workshop is followed by the event "Using AI to handle big data in complex arbitrations", taking place at the same location and connected via a networking coffee break. The venue is in walking distance (about 10min) to the Bucerius HIAD Conference taking place after the aforementioned event.

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  • About Deminor

    The Deminor group is one of the top 10 international litigation funders and specializes in general commercial disputes, shareholder litigation and antitrust actions. The name Deminor is derived from the French "défense des minoritaires" and reflects
    the company's roots in advising minority shareholders.

  • Deminor Litigation Funding

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  • About Luther

    Luther stands for expertise and dedication. With enthusiasm for our profession and the matter at hand, we work out precise answers to your questions. We provide our clients with the best possible solution. Not too much and not too little – our advice always hits the mark.

  • Luther

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